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Westward – along the Beagle Channel

Mount Darwin from the Beagle Channel

Mount Darwin from the Beagle Channel

We stayed in Puerto Williams for almost two weeks. In that time we made a few adjustments to the systems on the boat (this will no doubt be on-going), the Puerto Williams mechanic skimmed the commutator on the windlass motor which was a bit corroded and seemed to be causing the motor to intermittently refuse to start, and Arnaud from the yacht “Paradise” kindly took the faulty alternator to Ushuaia Read more ›

Wet Dwarf Forest

Today’s photo is not from today but from one of our hikes near Caleta Olla, the guanaco was checking us out from the ridge above. Well as we move west in this part of the world we expect it to get wetter and yesterday was certainly wet! Read more ›

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