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ChilePresentation by Christopher Harris & Paula Casanovas

I have produced a set of slides that are used to support a talk/slideshow on sailing in Chilean Patagonia. I offer this here to anybody who is interested in sailing in the region. There are about 80 slides of which roughly 3/4 are photographs. You can see a few sample slides below or download the complete document in PDF format. Sailing in Chilean Patagonia v1.0lr (approximately 8MB).

If we are in your area we can make this presentation in either English or Spanish; use the contact page to get in touch if you are interested.

If you have any comments, suggestions or additions please send me a message via the contact page.


Slide 1 - Sailing in Chilean Patagonia by .
Sample slide 1 – introduction


sample slide 2 by .
Sample slide 2 – local wind effects


sample slide 3
Sample slide 3 – downloading weather information
sample slide 4
Sample slide 4 – Equipping your vessel


sample slide 5
Sample slide 5 – sailing into Seno Pia

Download PDF – Sailing in Chilean Patagonia v1.0lr

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