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Arrival in Chile

Dawn - Statten Island (Isla de los Estados)

Dawn – Statten Island (Isla de los Estados)

We had been planning to head south from West Point Island to New Island and maybe Beaver Island to take out departure to the Le Maire Straight, but suddenly on the 8th a weather window opened that looked just too good to let pass ( sorry Charlene we didn’t make it ). The tide was good for passing the Woolly Gut in the evening so we said goodbye to Thies and Kicki and set off.
The first few hours were a bit bumpy with a wind over tide situation but progress was OK. By about 9pm we were sailing with the Airies wind-vane doing the steering. Paula was seasick so I stuck a patch on her Read more ›

Ready for the off

So we finally were ready for the ‘off’ on New Year’s Eve; well we were not really ready but at some stage you just have to go – so we went. A thousand apologies to all those friends and family that we didn’t get to see to say goodbye to, but things were a bit hectic. Read more ›