Provisioning for months without shopping

Some basic provisions
Some basic provisions
Whilst loading some provisions yesterday I was thinking that it’s almost 20 months that I have been ashore, but I have done a few deliveries and a couple of local trips in that time amounting to around 12,000 miles of ocean sailing and 500 or so coastal. Not bad for a land-lubber

Anyway with a float plan that includes a couple of months in the Chilean channels without visiting a major port we have to think carefully about what to load here in Stanley where food is easily available but expensive.

The first stop in Chile is planned to be Puerto Williams where we can buy the basic essentials but choice is limited. Fresh produce in both Stanley and Puerto Williams is a lottery of season and shipping schedules.

For me some essentials are some good dark chocolate, coffee and Marmite. Paula has squirrelled away several jars of honey, and some weird smelling teas.

Meat in the canning jars ready to go into the canner
Meat in the canning jars ready to go into the canner
There is no fridge aboard “Morgane” but we can ‘can’ meat and fish and so are stocking up on canned meats here, mostly beef, minced and diced, some mutton and a few sausages. We also have plenty of home-made jams and chutneys. Those are about the only prepared foods that we carry as always cook from the basics and home or on the boat. Plenty of little things for midnight snacks are aboard along with the ubiquitous cup-a-soup and instant noodles for when it’s too unpleasant cook a proper meal – not very often as once you get used to it things have to be quite bad for it to be impossible to cook; well for me anyway, Paula tends to go off her food.

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  1. Hi.
    Tried several times to donate over Paypal, but keep getting the answer that Paypal accounts in the Falklands can only pay, not receive, funds. One of the web pages shows the country as “Falklands”, but even changing this to “Germany” doesn´t help.
    Any ideas what is wrong? I have a Paypal account.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for trying!!! Perhaps that is correct after all but nobody at Paypal told me that. I´ll look into it when I have some proper internet access. Maybe that idea just wont fly.

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