Dis-masted and re-masted

IMG_9873We pulled “morgane’s” rig last weekend, gave everything a once over and clean-up, replaced the wiring to the lights, installed a Furuno PB200 solid-state wind/weather instrument, installed a new Metz vhf antenna (a turkey vulture stole the old Glomar one) and installed mast steps. Thanks to Dion and Juliette for lifting the mast off “Morgane” and onto the dock using the hydraulic crane on “Hans Hanson“. I’ve just spent the day tuning up the rig, doing some work on the boom including installing jammers for the reefing lines, and splicing on new Amsteel blue check stays.

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  1. We are preparing our S/V for a southbound transit from Puerto Montt to Ushuaia starting in late October 2024.

    I know it is 1100 nautical miles.

    I know many days we will stay holed up.

    What is considered an appropriate number of days for this passage?

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