Gippy tummy and departure from PW

Apologies for not updating the blog to cover the last couple of days of the last trip, but apart from more rain there wasn’t much to report. I had intended to post a summary on arrival at Puerto Williams but once there I was stuck down with an evil bout of bacterial gastroenteritis which lasted 2 weeks and was only cleared up with hefty course of antibiotics – not much fun! I will post a report on the whole trip with some charts and photos later once I am settled back into Port Stanley. Back to the present. My friend from Stanley Zac Stephenson flew into Puerto Williams, on Monday 25th, to join me in taking ‘Morgane’ to Stanley. We spent a couple of days making the final preparations, doing a small provisioning shop, checking the rig, servicing the engine etc.. We got our “Zarpe” (clearance to leave harbour) along with immigration and customs clearance last night and sailed this morning. We had an easy, lazy, and slow, motor sail east along the Beagle Channel today as far as Caleta Banner on Isla Picton where we are staying for the night. We’ll leave tomorrow morning and try to time our arrival at the Le Maire straight to catch the tide correctly; the currents around there deserve to shown some respect.

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