Fiordo Pasqui aka A Damp Crack

Today we are moored in what can best be described as a damp crack, otherwise know as Fiordo Pasqui. A small fjord about 500m long and only about 15m wide at the point we are moored, about half way in. The backs go up almost vertically and the trees overhang the water. It’s supposedly a hurricane hole and looking at the forecast that is close to what we’ll have tomorrow. Anyway it seems a nice place with plenty of wildlife, martin Pescadores sniping fish from the trees, sealions eying up Steve as he tied up the shore-lines from the dinghy and dusky dolphins outside.

The weather has been atrocious ever since the day we moved to Fouque from Olla with rain and strong winds. We had planned on mooring at the southern end of Fouque and doing some hiking/camping but that anchorage is quite exposed and untenable in the type of weather we have had. Yesterday we tried to come here, frustrated by the bad weather and bored of not being able to get into the hills, however as soon as we poked our nose out in the SW arm of the Beagle channel we found that we had 30+ knots on the nose. Retreating from the channel we cruised down to the southern end of Fouque to see what we had missed, it was wet and windy! We went back to Caleta Bosque for the night.

This morning we made and early start and got the shore-lines aboard at first light and motored up a calm(ish) Beagle channel then through the narrow cut behind Isla Gorro and into the Damp Crack. We are drying out now and will head off in the dinghy after lunch to explore nearby Bahia de los Pescadores and go for a damp tramp. We ran out of beer yesterday! Wine is in dangerously short supply! Culinary highlight – tea Berry buns; Steve managed to find a handful of, more or less, ripe berries; enough for half a dozen buns.

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