Red spray at midday

Gamje sprays the red

A week of more or less good winter sunshine has helped the painters progress well with the work on “Pelagic Australis'” pilot house. The saloon and pilot house have been redecorated and all sorts of odd jobs ranging through all of the systems on the boat have been knocked off by Gcobani, Matt and myself. The photo at right shows Gamje and his gang spraying the red part of the pilot house. Gamje is the guy in the in the red cloud; I think that he has spent so long in a cloud of paint that his lungs only function in a rich  paint/air mix!

I have been hunting down a few supplies for “Morgane” and had a session with my friend Manuel Mendes this morning going through my shopping list. He gave me lots of pointers about where to go to get the best deals on a lot of things and then gave me access to his junk bins where I found a few blocks and some jammers that will work nicely after a little TLC.

The Sun nicely lights Devil’s peak behind the house in the mornings. Unfortunately the weather forecast for tomorrow, Sunday, and the early part of next week doesn’t look so good.

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